Symbols can be used to help support your son/daughter at home and anywhere in the community symbols help by

illustrating words, symbols can help a student to learn and recall information.This is particularly true for those

students who operate more visually and whosevisual memory may help to recall facts. It is also true that symbols 

can help toremind students of a concept. The symbol itself cannot teach the concept, butonce a concept has been 

understood, symbols can reinforce that understandingand help make the comprehension more permanent.

Symbols are used in PECS books, communication books, Aided Language Displays (ALD’s) to support in lessons,

to support general skills such as toileting etc. Symbols are used within lessons to introduce new words and to

reinforce language. Please see some ALD sheets that have been created which you can use with your son/daughter

at home. These sheets will encourage positive communication so needs can be met.


Aided Language Display (ALD) Resources