Mission Statement

All stakeholders were involved in the formation of our mission statement .

At The Meadows School we aim to ensure that by delivering a relevant, dynamic, fun and creative curriculum 

Our Learners:

  • Will be provided with every opportunity in and outside of the classroom in order to develop in every aspect of their life
  • Will make progress and achieve their potential
  • Will enjoy learning
  • Will respect each other
  • Will learn to manage their behaviour and strive to stay in the green zone
  • Will socialise and play
  • Will be treated as individuals
  • Will express themselves in an appropriate way
  • Will feel safe and learn in a happy environment
  • Will enjoy being at school and want to be here
  • Will develop lifelong skills

Our Staff:

  • Will encourage and inspire
  • Provide dynamic and creative educational opportunities
  • Enjoy their job, be happy and take pride in their work
  • Be respectful of others and their values
  • Follow school policy and procedures
  • Work with all professional agencies
  • Show willingness to continuously develop their knowledge
  • Demonstrate professional skills at all times
  • Nurture, support, enrich and ensure dignity is always maintained
  • Be role models
  • Will listen and respond to individual needs
  • Will be approachable and supportive to everyone
  • Work co-operatively together to achieve the best outcomes for our students
  • Will pursue opportunities for our learners
  • Will respect everyone within the school environment (professional judgements)
  • Will communicate effectively