The well being of staff at The Meadows School is paramount to maintaining a successful and forward thinking school. The welfare of students is fundamental to all school policies and procedures which are underpinned by moral and ethical values. It is our belief that the best asset in school for students are staff who are happy, motivated and focused. The Meadows School recognises that staff are their most important resource and are to be valued, supported and encouraged to develop personally and professionally.

The school believes that staff well being support programmes need to be personalised and bespoke to meet the specific needs of staff. How staff feel on an everyday basis is likely to affect their performance and therefore impact on the ethos and atmosphere of the school which in turn affects students. If staff are happy, motivated and are purposeful in their approach this will have a huge positive impact on the well being of students resulting in happier students who achieve more.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a document that embraces the many school practices that support staff health and well being. Where possible to diminish the harm from stress a proactive approach should be implemented where well being support programmes are used to stop the effects of stress from escalating into ongoing anxiety issues. Whilst the school will do everything to support staff in ensuring their well being needs are met, ultimately staff need to take responsibility to work through issues of concern with a view to reaching a resolution.