On Tuesdays, we have Assisted Yoga Therapy sessions with Janette. She works with four classes every term, supporting pupils to follow a 25 minute session. The provision has been particularly successful with students with ASC and those who have sensory needs.


Janette’s approach also benefits young people who need physiotherapy, often using similar techniques to develop young people’s mobility. Janette integrates music, apparatus and aromatherapy techniques to support these learners to identify and recognise each stage of her session. Janette and the class team note down the students responses, making it a great session for students working on our Pre-formal curriculum.


Janette works in all areas of the school with young people across Key Stages 3, 4, and 5, adapting her sessions to suit student needs.


For more detail about the Yoga session please click on the link below which explains the session in more detail.


Assisted Sensory Relaxing Yoga