Most Wednesday afternoons students have the opportunity to take part in , Wednesday after school club.  The  students that wisyh to join will have to pay £5 each week to participate and go home at 5.30 p.m which is later than usual.

As part of the school’s extended activities, this extra time in school means they can join in the Enrichment Club that they want. Students are offered the opportunity of Art, Dance, Swimming, Fitness and Trampolining. If these choices are changed you will have letters home informing you of any new activites that are added within the club. .

Parents/Carers are asked to ensure that their child is picked up promptly at 5.30pm.


Please note 

*Once you have enrolled your child. School will expect students to take part every Wednesday the club is being run. If in any circumstance they are unable to attend please inform the school office no later than Wednesday morning. 

**Please note there are no clubs the first or last week of each full term.

*** If club is cancelled for any reason you will be notified by a letter.