Outdoor Education

Here at the Meadows we believe in the development of the whole child, not just their academic achievements. We offer our young people a curriculum which builds not just on their literacy and numeracy progress but their health, independence, communication and enrichment goals set out by their Educational Healthcare Plan (EHCP).We want to improve and celebrate the successes of what the child needs to be as independent as possible to live happy, fun and interesting life’s when their time at the meadows ends. Outdoor education plays an essential role for our young people to develop, achieve and practice the skills learnt in a traditional classroom and fulfil their wellbeing andenrichment so that they can express their needs, be happy, and lead fulfilled lives.


We aim to offer a highly personalised curriculum, which uses outdoor spaces to enrich young people’s learning by:

· Improving academic achievement

· Making learning relevant to classroom learning

· Motivating, Inspiring, Developing pupil’s curiosity

· Deepening understanding and skills

· Allowing pupils to make more sense of the world around them

· Developing problem solving and thinking skills

· Developing social and team building skills

· Meeting preferred learning styles, especially kinaesthetic and our sensory learners.

· Opportunities for learning through play and Pupils having fun, enjoying hands-on experience, gaining confidence and


Residential Trips and visits

There are various opportunities for young people to go on a residential throughout their time at the Meadows. Pupils will participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and will have the opportunity to complete an expedition for 2-5 days. We also offer general residential to Frank Chatham centre.

Classes have various trips to support their learning and offer enrichment opportunities to approved providers and attractions such as; children farms, Black country museum, Severn valley railway, soft play centres, other special schools, cinemas, bowling, restaurants, local parks and the Snowdome. In key stage 3 our young people have also had the opportunity to go the Western- Super-mare.


Use of the school grounds

The Meadows is lucky to have some excellent facilities to help support young people’s learning, enrichment and experiences which include the Forest School site, The Nature Trail, adventure play area, the MUGA, the Horticultural Centre and a huge amount of disability and specialist equipment that supports sensory and physical development of our young people.

We have regular forest school classes throughout the year, which are offered to different classes in half-termly blocks. Time is take to carefully plan sessions to suit every child who attends the sessions. Our young people really enjoy their time in the forest, our forest school leaders love the ethos, and watching our young people develop a curiosity and interest in the natural world.

The horticultural centre has been used to educate our young people about growing, caring and being safe when growing plants and crops. In Post16, young people have grown their own food to sell at fund raisers to help raise money for their young people.


The local community

We make use of the local community to help support pupils skills for life after the meadows. Young people in Post16 have weekly trips to use sports facilities in the local area and gain some work experience with our Partnerships, which include the National Canal Trust. Young people also have trips to local colleges where they complete modules and gain experience of potential placements when they leave the Meadows. 

In key stage, 4 pupils are currently working with the local Temple, the Dudley Canal Trust for their work experience and volunteering section for their Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are always looking for more partnerships with other organisations to offer our young people some experience of working with people outside our school community.As part of their life-skills, young people make regular visits to the local community, using the local parks and facilities, visiting the shops, supermarkets and the local library, using public transport and sometimes walking to help develop their travel training skills.

We also invite people from the local community to support learning within the classroom, including the Eco Bus, the fire service and the local police.


Extra-curricular activities

Enrichment has been a key area that we wish to develop at the Meadows, which has included some excellent partnerships with West Bromwich Albion, The REP theatre company, The Open Orchestra based at the MAC, Yoga sessions, Chor partnerships with other local special schools and regular visits to Malthouse Stables.

There has been some excellent theme weeks that occur throughout the year, including Black History week, which involved a African Tribe coming into the school and leading a great show and lead workshops which looked at art culture and music developed by the tribe.

Our young people have also enjoyed taking part in Arts enrichment Week led by INGRESTRE, singing, dancing and playing instruments and performing in front of their peers at the end of the week.


Future projects

We are constantly looking to develop opportunities and experiences for our young people and aim to offer more after school and lunchtime clubs so if you wish to help, support or even volunteer to lead a lunchtime club then please contact the Outdoor and Enrichment Team


Outdoor Enrichment Team


Kevin Hurcombe


Ariane Parcell


Tel: 0121 5697080