Duke of Edinburgh Silver Stars! 2018 


Duke of Edinburgh Training 2018 has begun! We have now taken a GREAT GIGANTIC step forward as we have students who will now progress to Silver Level.

These students include: Talulla, , Maissa , Luke, Michael  Danny, Chloe, Sarah, Cameron, Cobi , Joshua , Kwame.

So far students are starting to complete work for the Skill, Physical and Voluntary sections. Expedition training will start to begin in the second half of the Spring Term! Well Done guys! You should be proud of yourselves.


Expedition Training Has Begun ! 




As part of their options, Keystage 4 (Ks4) Pupils are learning to put up their own tents as part of their Duke of Edingburgh Award. The pupils have developed their teamwork skills, using each others strenghs to erect different types of tents. They have been reading and sharing instructions, checking they have all the equipment needed and making their own simple instructions to help others in the groups. They have had a great time and can't wait for the next challenge.


Duke of Edinburgh Update


Students have enjoyed their time at Malthouse stables, taking part in Archery, homing there gross-motor skills and having a great time with their peers.


Next term they will be going  canoeing on our beautiful canals in Sandwell, enjoying the sites and sounds that the canals have to offer.

Pupil will be preparing for their expedition , visiting Sandwell Valley in June, ready for their overnight stay in Bewdley in July.

Duke of Edinburgh- Volunteering




Pupils have been visiting the local temple; Shri Venkateswara(Balaji), every week to volunteer their services to help with the ‘up-keep’ and running of this amazing temple.

It is the largest temple in Europe of its kind and is located behind our wonderful school. Pupils have enjoyed exploring the temple grounds, using all their senses to taste food, smell flowers and observe the gods and rituals that occur there.

As part of their Work Experience and also as part of their Duke of Edinburgh 'volunteer' section, pupils have been cleaning and polishing the beautiful carvings and furniture located in the main temple room.  As reward our pupils have enjoyed snacks and have witnessed some intersting traditions and rituals whilst they clean.

Contact  Kevin.Hurcombe1@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk  If you want more information.