Welcome to Key Stage 3

During the 3 years of schooling in Key Stage 3 we aim to build on the learning that has taken place in Key Stage 2, whilst ensuring that the skills that are required for transition to adulthood are appropriately covered.  

Throughout the school, communication is the foundation; in KS3 we actively encourage all of our learners to practice these skills in a wide range of contexts- from classroom practices to the local community. 

All of our learners follow their own ‘Individualised Personalised Plans’ which are a working document, constantly being reviewed and updated. These plans are closely linked with their EHCP plans, and written to make sure the targets set are realistic, measurable but, most importantly, beneficial to the development of each learner. 

To ensure the curriculum is engaging, exciting and creative, a different theme is followed each half term. To find out more about our exciting theme work, please see the Curriculum Documents page.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment activities. These include;

  • Drama sessions led by practitioners from the Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  • Yoga, led by specialist instructors
  • Forest school which is led by our onsite forest school teachers
  • Swimming, led by an onsite swimming team
  • Open orchestra, provided by Sandwell music service

All classes have the opportunity to access learning within the wider community. This could include trips to the local shopping centres, parks, museums, soft play centres and places of worship to embed learning.

All students follow an appropriate Curriculum pathway which is relevant to their stage of learning.

Pupils working at the earliest stage of learning undertake lessons focussing on the following: 

My thinking encompassing: Sensory cooking, gardening, exploring materials, responding to changes to lighting and sounds

My Communication encompassing: Total communication approach : alternative and augmentative systems including TaSSels, Objects of Reference, Switches, Multi-sensory including sensory

My Independence encompassing  A range of multisensory experiences, objects and stimuli which will encourage students to respond and communicate their preferences and make choices;

My Body encompassing: Rebound therapy (novice), OT, Experiencing sensory water play, Forest school onsite experiences: Seasonal Sensory Boxes, Lazy Meadow days, Searching for treasure

My Lifestyle - A range of multisensory experiences, objects and stimuli that will encourage students to respond and communicate their emotions and feelings; social development through story, music and shared experience, to include experiences of religion and spirituality and human experience.

Students working beyond this level will take part in the following lessons: 

  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy 
  • Science  
  • Physical Education  
  • Swimming  
  • Art 
  • Drama 
  • Design Technology 
  • Music 
  • Religious education  
  • PHSE 
  • History 
  • Geography  
  • Computing  
  • Independence skills


Class 3.1                                            Class 3.2                                                Class 3.3                                                 Class 3.4

Sioned Lewis                                      Kim Hart                                                 Stewart Harris                                       Chris Coombes              

Class 3.5                                            Class 3.6                                                Class 3.7                                                Class 3.8

Ruth Harrison                                     Gill Chambers                                 Ade Suberu- Rowaiye                                    Sheila Stokes  


3 Year Plan