As noted throughout the school, communication is the foundation of the KS4 curriculum.  During the 2 years of learning in this phase, we build on student learning in KS3 to ensure that the communication and literacy skills prepare students appropriately for transition into adulthood.

The learners use communication and literacy skills in a wide range of contexts – functional exchanges, transactional situations, practice in class environments; students then applying these skills in the local community.

We also encourage richness and creativity in communication through reading and writing. Students will be assessed in this area through Pre/Entry Level assessment criteria and accredited in these units of work at the end of Year 10 and or Year 11 – these personalised pathways may follow either Personal Progress Qualifications or Entry Level qualifications.

Students also work towards achieving their Individual Learning Targets. Students will be provided with a personalised communication pathway and have access to the most suitable communication system – such as; PECS, symbols, Makaton signing, Moon, Braille, Verbal communication and written text.

Communication and literacy are linked into all other subject areas, giving a wide range of opportunities for learners to practice, transfer and consolidate their skills.  


Pupils in Key stage 4 are accredited through ASDAN Personal Progress units:

These qualifications have been developed for learners working between P Levels 1-8 and Entry 1 to have their achievements recognised within a qualification framework. 

Pupils are entered for either a certificate or an Award at the appropriate step on the continuum. 


P4 and above learners undertake modules in the following areas:

  • Literacy/Numeracy/IT

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Community Participation

  • Preparation for Work


Pupils working at the earliest stage of learning  undertake the following modules:

  • Encountering experiences: being part of things

  • Engaging with the world around you: technology 

  • Engaging with the world around you: therapies 

  • Engaging with the world around you: people 

  • Engaging with the world around you: events 

  • Engaging with the world around you: objects

  • Self -awareness 


Higher level learners have the opportunity to gain recognition in Key skills areas at Entry 1 and Entry 2


KS4 Areas of learning - accreditation: document link