19 June 2019

KS3 students this month enjoyed being given the opportunity to go camping in a local adventure centre called Aztec Adventure Park in Upton Warren. Students and staff were dropped by minibus to a garden centre in Bromsgrove and from here navigated their way to Sanders Park. Here students collected for lunch and enjoyed eating their lunch under the parks Band Stand to shelter from the rain.

Once the rain had stopped, we all went and enjoyed some time playing on the park. We enjoyed the swings, birds nest and loved climbing on the different climbing frames. After this we returned to camp where we set up camp. We loved eating our Fish and Chips for dinner and then settled for the night in our beautiful tent. The next day after eating breakfast, we were able to go canoeing in the big Canadian canoes. We canoed round the lake and even had a race with another local school and we won!!! Once we dried off we returned to school. Students were fantastic whilst away and behaved so well.

Aztec Adventure Park