19 June 2019

Students completing Silver Duke of Edinburgh last week travelled to the Wyre Forest to complete two nights of camping and expedition walking. Whilst on the trip students built tents and a small gazebo to protect themselves from the rain. Students all slept on roll mats and in sleeping bags which kept them nice and warm throughout the night. Unfortunately, the weatherman did us no favours on this trip and it is safe to say it was a very muddy and wet trip. The first day after setting up camp, students proceeded to follow picture maps and navigate themselves into Bewdley Town Centre, luckily the river did not rise high enough to wash us away. The walk took around 4 hours with different stops on route to take in nature and the countryside whilst resting our legs.

When returning to camp students enjoyed making hot chocolates and even enjoyed toasting marshmallows next to the fire. The students were really well behaved whilst away and really adapted well to sleeping in tents. The next day after finishing breakfast, students put walking boots and wellies on and set off walking again, this time to Knowles Mill, located in the middle of the woods, students stopped for a break here before completing the rest of the walk on the difficult terrain back to camp. All of the students did so well whilst away and did a fantastic job of supporting each other. We hope you enjoy the selection of photos.