15 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


The Meadows School have speech and language therapists that work alongside school staff to support and develop communication skills for all young people in school.  This is done by working in the school settings through training and joint working to help all students in Meadow’s to achieve their full potential in communicating with others.  We also support some students who might have difficulties chewing or swallowing food safely.


If parents or carers wish to have some support or advice regarding approaches to supporting your child’s communication needs, or wish for some resources such as symbols (or you may want a specific Makaton sign), then we will hopefully be able to give advice to help.  There are four speech and language therapists in school – Justin, Nat, Alice and Kendra.  Please contact or leave a msg on 0121 612 3093 or email Justin on Justin.drew@nhs.net, leave a name, the name of your child and what your query is and we will get back to you to give advice.  Despite the current coronavirus situation, we are still working and we would be happy to hear from you.


For parents or carers who have concerns around their child’s feeding and is known to our team, Justin is happy to discuss. 


We hope you are staying safe in these times and thinking of all.


Best wishes Justin, Nat, Kendra and Alice