20 October 2020

On the class Page of 3.1...

You can follow updates from the teacher and the class team. Below you will be able to see the new content they have added to get you started. The section will appear as below within the class page. 


Home Learning

To support your young person's learning we are creating content on videos to support key aspects of development 

Bucket Therapy  Activity 1                   Bucket Therapy  Activity 2                       Bucket Therapy  Activity 3 

Bucket Therapy  Activity 4                               Counting with Household  items      

Mark Making with Household items  

Diary of a Meadows Kid Video                       Diary of a Meadows Kid Resource 


If would like further support to help develop their communication and independence please write any queries in the school diaries, on an email or ask within your next meeting.

Thank you for your support


Miss Sioned Lewis

E-mail:  sioned.lewis@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk