21 July 2021

We have been supported by Arts Council England and local Trust and Foundations to tour the show – to support families to experience fun, creative and cultural offers in their local community – rather than having to go into town to the theatre, etc, which people may still be hesitant to do.

The show works particularly brilliantly for young people – ages 5 upwards – with their family members, and in particular anyone with special educational needs and disabilities as it is very visual with very few words etc.

It will be a relaxed environment and will be following covid guidelines (ie, we are remaining committed to covid regulations despite rules lifting).


All people need to do is click through on the QR code on the e-flyer to book or email info@toldbyanidiot.org.


As mentioned, the tickets are free, and the show is a blast! Really fun sketch show for families. Here’s a little taste of it (this was outdoors last year): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNGaKUrvWhc