8 February 2018

New wave with class 4.2

New wave have been in work with class 4.2

7 February 2018

Yoga with 4.1

Our Class has been taking part in Yoga as part of our weekly timetable

6 February 2018

New wave Music and Drama with 5.2

Please see our photos of when New Wave came to work with our class

29 January 2018

New content for Class 5.4

Please take a look at our class page.

29 January 2018

Sixth Form 5.4 Enrichment Day New Wave Arts

This week we are learning a Dance alongside Class 4.4 with the Help of "NEW WAVE".

26 January 2018

Music and dance Enrichment week

Please see our enrichment sessions across the week

25 January 2018

SAQ Enrichment -5.4 Health and Fitness

Please see one of our many Enrichment sessions for the Spring term

25 January 2018

Amazing clear up continues!

Combined conservation visit - Sixth Form and KS4 makes amazing inroads into canal clearance

24 January 2018

Sixth Form Class 5.2 Trampolining

We are learning about trampoline safety and working towards trampolining accreditation.

24 January 2018

The Rep. Drama sessions with Class 5.4

We have had another great session with Holly from the REP.

17 January 2018

Forest School Class 5.4

Here’s some photos from our second lesson of forest school.

17 January 2018

Pet Care Class 5.2

We are Introducing animals we can keep as pets