13 March 2019

WM Police

National campaign on knife crime and youth violence

8 March 2019

Travel Training to Merry Hill

We have been using all of our green cross code knowledge to travel on an agreed route using public transport.

8 March 2019

Sainsbury's Careers Visit

Sainsbury's Trip

6 March 2019

Class 4.1 updates

Class 4.1- Updates of our year so far

15 February 2019

Fashion Show

Class 3.3 strut their stuff on the runway!!!!

8 February 2019

3.3 Design T-shirts

The students in 3.3 are getting ready for the fashion show

6 February 2019

Arena Theatre Visit

17 January 2019

Walsall Leather Museum

Students enjoy learning about how leather goods are made

11 January 2019

3.8 Cooking Lesson

Class 3:8 making a quiche

10 January 2019

3.6 Trip to The Wizard of Oz

Trip to Birmingham Rep

9 January 2019

3.2 Yoga

Particpation in Yoga

8 January 2019

Class 5.4 Making the most of Leisure- Power walking

In making the most of Leisure the students wanted to try power walking and race each other.