19 October 2020


12 October 2020

Covid-19 Confirmed Case

7 October 2020

A guide to help with Independent Living Homework Class 5.4

Please follow the link to watch and listen to how progress can be reported back to class

6 October 2020

Class 5.4 Well-being week

As part of Hello Yellow, well-being week we have completed some Mindfulness doodling

1 October 2020

Good to Know Newsletter

29 September 2020

Parent Guides to Online Safety

There are apps added on iTunes and Google Play store everyday...

21 September 2020

Home learning Class 5.4

18 September 2020

Week 2 in class 5.4

The students have worked together to write new schools rules which include the awareness of coronavirus

16 September 2020

Change for Good

14 September 2020

TikTok Safeguarding Alert

If your young person or household uses social media, please read the following information