3 April 2017

Giraffe re-homing programme announced at The Meadows

Following consultation with a number of families and staff, our giraffes are in need of re-homing.


They will be removed from their current location soon, so we welcome any interested parties to contact us with expressions of interest for the purchase of the sculptures.


The giraffes are made of metal, and can be dismantled into easily transportable pieces.  They will need to be set in concrete for stability.  


They would suit family garden areas and certainly provide a 'talking point' for visitors to your home.  


Giraffe stats:

Large giraffe: 3m50 (11'6")

Medium giraffe: 2m70 (8'9")

Small giraffe: 2m30 (7'6")

(please note that these sizes are approximate)


If you would like further information, please contact the school on 0121 569 7080 or email our team using headteacher@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk