23 May 2017

The Meadows were delighted to welcome The Lions of Zululand to our school recently!

The Lions gave us a fascinating insight into the sights and sounds of such a beautiful African nation.  

From the moment that the Lions entered the building, they sung their welcome songs to build anticipation for the day ahead.  Our pupils eyes widened as they wondered what was to come!

Then when the Lions entered the hall, the excitement was electric!!

The dancing that we saw was truly stunning! The energy and enthusiasm was amazing to behold.  Mdu, the leader of the Lions was explaining about the costumes and the dancing - with opportunities for our pupils to take part in the dancing and singing too.  During the day, pupils took part in different workshops that further developed their experience of Zulu art and culture - even learning a few Zulu words!

We are so pleased that we were able to spend time with the Lions and look forward to welcoming them again in the future.  


We also want to thank Happy Days for supporting us in enabling this event to take place. Please visit their website to see more of the amazing things that they do - and if you can support them, please do!