Sixth Form Curriculum
Our Sixth Form students follow a curriculum which focuses on the development of skills for lifelong learning. This is personalised to meet the needs of each individual. We map the learning journey developing cognition and learning, independence and self-help skills, community and leisure for each individual on a curriculum plan.
Learners focus on cognition and learning through:
• Nationally Recognised accreditation including ASDAN PSD Entry 1,2,3 and Level 1 and Lifeskills Challenge from (Working Towards Entry 1) WTE1 to Entry 1,2,3 and Level 1. 
• Personal, Social Development within a contextualised curriculum personalised learning targets embedded across all strands of learning      
Learners focus on Self-help and Independence through:
• Strong PSD focus-preparing for independent living
• Works Experience (both internal and external)
• Celebrating individual identity
• SRE for key learners
• Support to attend own professionals meetings
• Access to advocacy as required
• Active participation in the Whole School Student Counsel and Sixth Form Counsel
Learners focus on Community through:
• Educational visits, including Residential experiences
• Local College Learning opportunities
• Community  Arts projects
• Youth club
• Travel training in the local community
• Access to local leisure and entertainment facilities
Learners focus on Leisure and Health through:
• Promoting sustainable well being in the local community
• Enrichment clubs within school and with external partners
• Personal physical support programmes
• Support to attend placement preparation meetings as appropriate