There are a broad range of partners supporting the personalised curriculum across all key stages. Successful partnership work enables our learners to receive a broader range of relevant experiences both in and out of school. We are working closely with the WBA Foundation to support our young adults to access our local leisure facility, Portway Lifestyle Centre. We have also developed a strong working partnerships with the Birmingham Rep and the Ballet, who are helping the sixth form to provide new opportunities and experiences. We have also gained bronze award from team for independent travel for our young people.

There are also a range of residential and vocational experiences. In addition there is a strong focus on partners working closely with the school to enable all pupils to learn to keep themselves safe and in ensuring their health and well-being is continually focused on.

There is a Multi-Agency team on site, e.g. the Physiotherapy team who work very closely with school staff on developing bespoke programmes to maintain the young person’s well-being and get the young person ready to learn.