At The Meadows, our aim is to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and personalised curriculum that accommodates and supports the needs of our students in their preparation for adult life.  This includes being as independent as possible to be able to participate as fully as they are able to in the wider community. We have high expectations of all of our students and have created a curriculum with activities that are stimulating and which will encourage and support the learning of all students.


The Meadows School curriculum was guided by the outcomes of the Rochford review and places the EHCP at the heart of our provision, enabling us to incorporate individualised targets and measure progress in a wide range of contexts and applications in a truly inclusive way.  The curriculum is distributed across five bubble areas: My Thinking; My Communication; My Independence; My Body and My Lifestyle. This was developed in line with the structure of the EHCP, and defers to both Local Authority and national statutory requirements; All subjects, including British Values and the new RSE, PSHE and CIG statutory entitlement, are taught within the bubble areas and through cross-curricular or whole school theme days.