Curriculum offer for ‘My Lifestyle’


The focus of the Lifestyle bubble is to provide students with a strong sense of being an integral part of a community. It encompasses the creative arts and humanities as well as the mandatory religious education (RE), relationships and sex education (RSE) and personal, health and social education (PHSE), with emotional wellbeing being at the core of the curriculum.

There is heavy emphasis on living in the wider world to ensure pupils are as prepared as possible for life after The Meadows, linking seamlessly with the independence curriculum to ensure that they are prepared both with the information and experiences to see them forward and to approach the world as independently as possible. The design of the lifestyle bubble allows for a holistic, rich, balanced curriculum tailored to suit each individual pupil based upon their physical, emotional and cognitive needs.


Pre-Formal: For more information about our Pre-Formal Curriculum Pathway, please click here



The Braided pedagogy encompasses the pre-subject specific semi-formal learners. Like the explorers, they also utilise a cross-curricular teaching format in order to encompass emotional wellbeing in all the students are exposed to. In a similar multi-sensory format used in order to build trust, develop tolerance and heighten engagement, the braided pupils are exposed to social emotional and wellbeing development through an adapted curriculum approach tailored to suit their individual cognitive and emotional understanding.



The semi-formal pathway begins to break teaching down into the curriculum bubble areas in order to differentiate learning. However, the lifestyle curriculum is maintained throughout teaching and learning, with emotional wellbeing and mental health beginning to play a heavy role in all learning and transitions. All students receive individualised learning goals and approaches to teaching whilst also ensuring that working with others plays a significant role within their daily activities to best develop their social and emotional wellbeing.



The formal pathway embodies more segmented learning, allowing the students to differentiate between areas of the curriculum. The students are provided with teaching designed to suit their individual goals and learning outcomes, whilst also ensuring that they are exposed to the key elements of living in the wider world, relationships and health and wellbeing, in order to best prepare them with the knowledge and understanding to be as independent and emotionally ready as possible to take on the challenge of life after The Meadows.  


The curriculum has been designed with a clear progressive trajectory in the teaching and learning across all key stages and pathways to ensure progression and enrichment of understanding. It works with and alongside the KS4 WJEC units of work and the KS5 LifeSkills challenge units of work to promote it’s importance across the Key stages. It has been created with a revisiting design in order to embed the learning fully so to provide pupils with every opportunity to show their own level of understanding and recognition of the content and its purpose.


My Lifestyle