What are aided-language displays (ALDs)?

  • An ‘aided language display’ is a symbol display where all the relevant symbolised vocabulary for a specific activity is displayed on a single page
  • Ensure that symbols are easily accessible in activities
  • They can be used to supplement AAC systems already in place (e.g. PECS, Communication book) as they are quick to make and easy to implement
  • They are a useful tool to support students to communicate in a functional way, within various activities throughout the day
  • Vocabulary is organised to help combine words and build simple sentences from left to right across the display
  • Certain key symbols such as ‘more’ and ‘finished’, which frequently appear on displays, should be located in the same place each time to help the learner’s understanding and use of them. 
  • Don’t worry about the colour coding they can be just a white background with coloured symbols