As a school, we decided to revisit our visions, values and ethos and create something which fully encompassed what we represent and stand for as a school. Working in consultation with staff, students and other stakeholders of The Meadows, we have developed one document which embodies this and visually captures the thoughts and beliefs of every member.


We have laid our core values as a foundation, using the acronym ‘SHINE’. We hold our students at the centre of everything we do and work to enable them to feel ‘Safe’ in their school environment, to feel ‘Happy’ in themselves and in the work that they do, to be as ‘Independent’ as possible in and out of school, to feel ‘Nurtured’ by those around them and to feel ‘Engaged’ in their activity.


Our vision is to achieve this through personalised approaches to learning, whereby we recognise each of our students as unique individuals with specific needs and tailor our approaches to promote their development. We work in partnership with other schools, agencies and the wider community to develop our links and provide the optimum provision for our students. We constantly seek to change, challenge and evolve as a school and recognise the need to constantly strive to better ourselves. All of this is done through an all-encompassing inclusive approach, involving all of our stakeholders to ensure everyone upholds these same visions and values.


We prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of all our stakeholders including staff, students and families. We strive to ensure that everyone feels supported and valued and that their emotional wellbeing is accounted for. Both students and staff have access to a number of initiatives in order to do this and we work collaboratively with external agencies in order to provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone. 


All of this feeds into our mission statement which is that ‘Every student reaches their potential and is fully prepared for life after The Meadows’. We hope that working towards our visions and based on our core values will enable us to achieve this and will ultimately mean we are ‘Getting it right for everyone’ – students, staff and families.