Forest School

Forest school at the Meadows is an inspirational experience that offers all our students regular opportunities to achieve and develop their confidence and self-esteem in our outdoor woodland area. Our forest school provides activities, which encourage social interaction and communication in an environment that is different from the classroom. Forest school gives students time to explore and experience new skills and take part in small projects and activities. We aim to go out in all weather conditions so students can experience the different seasons.

Forest school activities:

Key stage 3

  • Forest school philosophy
  • Social Play
  • Links to KS3 curriculum areas: Science, DT, and creative art
  • Time to explore the natural environment

Key stage 4

  • Small projects
  • WRL (Work Related Learning)
  • D of E Bronze/Silver
  • Short-term offsite projects
  • Social interactions
  • Environment education

6th Form

  • Community action
  • Identifying problems and coming up with improvements
  • WRL projects, which improve the site,
  • D of E Silver/Gold
  • Long-term offsite projects
  • Having fun exploring