West Bromwich Albion Foundation

West Bromwich Albion has had a long relationship with the Meadows, supporting our young people to achieve a happy, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, enriching their lives in school and in the wider community.

This year, Paul Glover and his team will be working with class teachers to develop, support and innovate PE lessons across all our learning pathways.

In Key Stage 3 and 4, The Albion will be supporting different classes each term, covering all themes from the national curriculum including; field games, racquet games, dance, gymnastics, adventure & orienteering and athletics.

In Post16 The Albion are working with our different classes at the Portway Leisure centre. The aim of this project is to help develop independent skills out in the community as well as support transition into adult services for when our young adults leave the Meadows and continue on their learning pathway.

The West Bromwich Albion support our popular themed sports day events in the summer term. They also support our enrichment programme, providing lunchtime clubs and opportunities to take part in their school festivals in both primary and secondary schools.