Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) is the Admissions Authority for The Meadows School. All admissions to The Meadows School are as a result of SMBC determining that this is the most appropriate educational provision. Students are accepted who have a Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP)/Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) agreed by SMBC which specifies Complex, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD).

Parents/guardians/carers involved with the process of statementing will have had the opportunity to visit the school prior to their child being admitted. Students are accepted into The Meadows School throughout the year.

We provide education for pupils deemed to have the following:

  • Complex, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and Autism
  • Profound and Multiple Difficulties and Autism
  • Profound/Severe Learning Difficulties and Autism
  • Severe Learning Difficulties with Physical and Sensory Disabilities
  • Severe Learning Difficulties

The school is officially designated for 215 pupils on roll including Sixth Form. Inclusion or admission to The Meadows School’s Sixth Form provision will be arranged with parents/guardians/carers and the school/SMBC through the Transitional and EHCP/Annual Review Processes with an agreement by the SMBC Special Educational Needs Service. Anything over 215 students will be classed as oversubscribed and any subsequent consultations received over and above this figure would need careful consideration to ensure that we can safely meet the needs of the students.

Please see the Sandwell Schools Admissions Booklet. This details information on: 

How to contact your local authority to find out about admissions including;

- Applications for every age group including in-year admissions

How to contact your local authority to find out about the process of making appeals and the timetable for organising and hearing admission appeals


- All admissions are dealt with by our Interim Assistant Headteacher, Stewart Harris, following the Service Level Agreement set out by SMBC.

Admissions Booklet

Please also see our Admissions Policy for further information

Admission Policy



If you have any queries, please contact the office on 0121 569 7080 who will be happy to answer your questions.