1. Sing a number song with your children. Try YouTube and search counting songs to 10
  2. When laying the table or handing out food or drinks use this time to count out e.g. “there are one, two, three…….three cups on the table. How many cup are there on the table?”
  3. When sorting out shoes or socks work directly with your child e.g. “Which shoe is the same as this one?” or “Which sock is the same is this one?” Ask your child to sort their toys or clothes into the correct areas or boxes. This is a good task for students who eye-point
  4. Scrunch up old newspaper into small balls. Throw the balls into a bucket/bin and count out loud how many balls are in the bin. Who has the most balls in the bin?
  5. When outdoors look at numbers such as car number plates, numbers on houses and ask your child to name any of the numbers they recognise
  6. Sort money out e.g. into 2ps and 10ps
  7. Make a point of discussing time in its widest sense e.g. now, later, tonight, tomorrow
  8. Use chalk to write numbers outdoors as these will wash away
  9. Whilst taking part in an activity count out loud how many times you jump or bounce on the trampoline
  10. Roll a dice and count the spots. Get these many buttons/bricks/pens
  11. Build big and small towers using Lego or building bricks. Which tower is the tallest? Which tower is the shortest? Lie the towers flat and discuss which is the longest and the shortest.
  12. Find shapes outdoors such as a square, triangle, rectangle, circle and star
  13. Sequencing with coins e.g. 10p coin followed by a 1p coin followed by a 10p coin and so on
  14. Make some pastry numbers and bake these. Discuss these numbers as you eat these yum yum!
  15. Use playing cards to encourage matching numbers or picture e.g. Snap! Or put out three cards and ask the young person to put these in order
  16. Have letter or number spaghetti for tea. Sort out the letters or numbers
  17. Mix flour and water to make dough. Make numbers from the dough
  18. Chalk numbers on the pavement/patio
  19. Make goop from cornflour and water and make numbers in the goop
  20. Identify numbers when out in the community. What numbers can you see on the street/supermarket,/bus
  1. Play a memory game such as……..I went to the shops to buy…..a cake……the next person says I went to the shop to buy a cake and biscuits etc…….. How many can you remember?
  2. Make cards and using labels put two of the same labels on two cards. Make a total of eight cards. Turn these over and then find the matching pair!
  3. Watch a favourite TV programme together and get your child to recall as much of the story as they can
  4. Ring up a family member and pass on a message
  5. Visit a public library and take out a book. Please make sure that if you are not a member you bring ID with you in order to join!
  6. Create a shopping list using labels of regularly bought items. Take these with you shopping and encourage your child to find these items
  7. Play eye spy with my little eye using phonics knowledge for help with phonics visit YouTube and google phonics songs
  8. Go online and access Bug Club Reading scheme – https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/
  9. Make letters or you name out of pastry and then eat these as a treat yum yum!
  10. Have fun online with karaoke
  11. Read your child a story and act out different voices. Ask your child who each person is
  12. Go to the cinema and see a film. Talk about the different characters or the story
  13. Look at ideas in the Fine Motor Activities booklet
  14. Encourage your child to use their communication system to communicate to someone new in the community e.g. a local shop/café
  15. Keep a holiday diary using picture and souvenirs
  16. When out and about listen to different sounds. Can you name ……….?
  17. Play two pieces of music and ask your child to state which piece they like the best
  18. Sing a simple song with your child and get them to sing/say the missing word
  19. Do an action song. You can find these online
  20. Talk about your day. Encourage your child to sequence the different events e.g. get up and had breakfast…..got dressed ………etc
  1. Undertake a physical activity each day
  2. Work on physiotherapy targets
  3. Tap your feet or clap your hands in time to music. Move your body and dance!
  4. Visit a place of interest
  5. Get a book from the library/museum
  6. Google an image on the internet related to a topic in history/geography etc
  7. Go to Portway Leisure Centre and register to take part in an activity https://www.slt-leisure.co.uk/leisure-centre/portway-lifestyle-centre
  8. Go to Sycamore Adventure Play Area which is in Dudley for young people with special needs sycamoreadventure.co.uk