Students in The Meadows will have the opportunity to take part in work experience within the school setting across different contexts. This experience will allow them to be aware of how work is different to learning in a lesson and prepare them for a role within school or work within a organisation. 

Currently students in -

Keystage 3 will help with jobs within the classroom and assist other classes in the keystage to collect post and registers. With the focus being on completing a short task. 

Keystage 4 with continue to develop classroom roles and will start to engage with volunteering to develop their skills in different areas of the curriculum. 

Keystage 5 will have the opportunity to complete employability and enterprise modules within ASDAN. They will also have independent roles where they complete daily tasks for the class independently. Students will also have a session a week that focuses on jobs they would like to try on a termly basis. Students who are ready to work with an employer will have the opportunity of working offsite with employers to enhance their employability skills.